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Our application is made to not let good trades hang in any kind of trader hands. It supports the most populars market platforms so you can keep your freedom. New features will be added with our users votes.

  • Installation Tutorials are provided.
  • Free signal checker available 24/7.
  • NO PAYMENT is required to get started.

We trust you to get great signals. You trust us to handle them for you. We do not provide signals. Not yet! this is only the beginning of a big aventure.

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PRICES make the difference between a good and a bad Trade

This is just to remind you that on every solution price is closely watched. Also, many tools are provided to help you adjust your exit strategy. Give it a try, you will Like it


Watch our progress on getting the unavailable platforms ready.

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A strong bridge between your trading account and your trading signals

Trade Management

Every single trade is Managed according to the Strategy you choose. We offer a variety of exit strategies.

Money Management

In Percent, you can limit drawdown and daily loss. This box isn't big enough to say it all

H24 Signal Checker

This algorithm helps format your signals or decide if a signal provider format fits your solution

Fast Order Execution

As long as your broker is not too busy, your order will be executed under 2 seconds max

Referral System

Because we believe giving back will make the community grow faster we thought of this referral system. For any member registering with your sign-up link, each time they activate or refill a MONTHLY plan you get $1.5, $3, or $5 depending on their plan. It may be nothing but hey we are trying here...


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Money && Trade Manager



Set up

Tradingview Signal



This is where we make the difference from other third-party bridges.

No more stress about what to do between TP1, TP2...etc

We got you covered

All of These strategies are available in one Software😎

but you can use one strategy at the time.

This is a resume we did not want to spoil you with details.

Simple Management

The easiest one to use

It simply Closes when the first Take Profit is reached.

It does some other things but you have to find out for yourself.

Trailing Management

It has one purpose.

Trailing TP and SL each time the next TP is reached.

There are other functionalities but here again...

Partial close Management

Another prices tracker.

Just give him the percentages,

and Each time a TP is reached, it will cash out a percentage of the remaining lot size.

All of the Above Management

For experienced users

Track, Trail, Partial Close, it does all and more.


The first 7 Days are free on any solution, No Payment is Required! 😁

There is no subscription, pay for a time period

The longer the cheaper

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always reach us by social media or email.

  • how Many Take Profits are supported ?

    As of now, Up to 6 Take-Profit levels per signal are supported by any solution, Maybe we will upgrade that in the future.

  • Yes, we do. Our reading algorithm will note all entry levels and you can set up your expert to use either one or all the entry levels for each signal.

  • you can use them to refill one of your solutions or if your credit balance is over $50 you can make a withdrawal request. we will send you your funds within 5 business days.

  • 2 Options :

    1. We can make it for you if its feasible but you probably gonna have to pay. That will depend on the strategy and the job realization could take up to 21 days.

    2. You can put your strategy up to vote. If it wins we will make it for all the users. Votes take place on Our Telegram Channel.

  • All incoming signals will go through your solution's webhook. When you receive a signal from a private telegram or discord chat there is no way to send out the signal.

    That's where the signal software will come in to listen for new signal messages and send them to your solution's webhook.

  • Hey just contact us about it, we will work it out together

  • Yes, totally, For example, simultaneously, a solution can get signals from Tradingview, Telegram, and even TrendSpider. Then, each signal is process by the same trading platform.